The Krypt Knoxville


Become part of Knoxville’s only private BDSM Social Club!
The focus of The Krypt Knoxville will be education and safety in the art of BDSM, traditional and nontraditional relationships, and consensual interactions.

We are working diligently with Realtors, lawyers, and investors to get this done correctly so we will not suffer the same fate as so many other clubs around the country have endured. **We are planning to open in late spring to late summer of 2019, but it depends on how quickly we find a location and get permits passed. 

We want to ensure that Knoxville, TN, and the surrounding area has a safe and consistent facility for 101 and Advanced Educational events, TNG nights, a home for Rope Bite, Ladies Nights, Women In Charge Night (W.I.C.N.) Events, Community Outreach Programs (i.e. Domestic Violence, Assualt, Nonconsensual Acts, Legal Assistance), and everything expected from a Private BDSM Social Club.

We will be doing this correctly by following the letter of the law and being open and honest with potential landlords and neighbors to avoid fatal mistakes commonly made by potential club owners that have led to other clubs being shut down.

Legal Disclaimer: This will be a private social club so we can do the things we do without certain oppressions of the legal system and without the inevitable bickering of a Board of Directors. Vetting is required. If you make a donation and you do not vet for entry your money will be refunded. If you are vetted and attend any event, gathering, open dungeon play, or any other on-property event and break “The House Rules” or “The Code of Ethics and Conduct” of The Krypt Knoxville, you will be banned without refund. 

What to expect at The Krypt Knoxville:
  • $35/year Membership Dues
  • $20/night: Friday Open Dungeon Play
  • $25/night: Saturday Open Dungeon Play
  • $10/night: TNG, Lady’s night, Little’s Day Out, Ropebite
  • Club rental for events, groups, and weddings.
Education Station (Hopefully hosted by School of Hard Knox)
  • Free is the goal!
  • Alternate the little’s and Rope Bite Weekends so education stations can be on Saturday’s & Sunday’s.
Monday & Tuesday:
  • Closed!!!
  • 18-35 ONLY
    • 7pm-1am
    • $10/Person
  • New Member Orientation
    • 7-9pm (Once a month)
  • D.M. Training (PRN) and Monthly Meeting
    • Mandatory for every new D.M.
    • Mandatory that DM’s attend one meeting every two months.
  • Dungeon Play
    • 7pm-4am (or later if people are still scening)
    • $20/person
  • Littles Day Out
    • Bi-weekly (Weeks 1 &3)
    • 1-4pm
    • $10/person
  • Education Stations
    • Bi-weekly (Weeks 2 & 4)
    • Monthly to Bi-weekly depending on educator availability
    • Free, $5, or $10/person (just cover costs for educators and food)
  • Dungeon Play
    • 7pm-4am (or later if people are still scening)
    • $25/person
  • Ropebite
    • Bi-weekly (Weeks 1 &3)
    • 4-7pm
    • $10/person
  • Education Station (Weeks 2 & 4)
    • Monthly to Bi-weekly depending on educator availability
    • $5-$10/person (just cover costs for educators and food)
Special Events
  • Dom/sub Auctions
  • Women in Charge Night (W.I.C.N.)

A portion of all proceeds, including membership dues and entry fees, go to help make education/training stations free.

*Anyone that is banned for any reason will have their plaque and name removed or signified with “strike through” text.