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Value for Value

I work hard, on average 30 hours a week, to come up with new topics, go live every Sunday, publish episodes, and promote an inclusive culture based on the tenants of safe, sane, consensual, and informed. I don’t do this behind a paywall or with corporate sponsors. I do this while working a 40-60 hour-a-week job and the simple concept of “Value for Value”.

What is Value for Value?

It’s simple. Time, Tallent, and/or Treasure. If you receive value out of what I do then you determine what it is worth to you.


Do have a few minutes a day, a week, or a month to volunteer to help grow the show by telling others about me? Do you have something to tell that would help others in their kink journey and want to be a guest?


Are you a graphic designer, an audio creator (jingles, voiceovers, …), a social media marketing expert, or any one of the thousands of talents that could help the podcast be better? If so, we are always grateful for your help!


For some, it’s a dollar or more every month. To others, it’s an occasional one-time donation of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Also, let’s never forget those that hear that I am in need of a program or piece of equipment and send it to me. (Currently in need of a DSL camera and a teleprompter)

The great thing is that you get to determine what it is worth to you. To some $10 is a lot of money and to others, $1,000 isn’t even a drop in the bucket. However, it is all extremely important and worthwhile to me and crucial in ensuring Kuldrin’s Krypt: A BDSM 101 Podcast continues.

One Time Donations

If you are a frequent listener of the podcast or just want to help support the show you can make a one-time donation at PayPal or by sending a check to:

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Ongoing Support

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If you would like to become a show supporter, get exclusive content, receive major discounts on Kuldrin’s Krypt merchandise, be mentioned on upcoming episodes, be listed below, and help us not have to submit to sponsors you can make a donation as small as $1.oo/month, as large as $2,000/month, or anywhere in between at Patreon.

Crypto, Satoshi’s, and Boosts

If you would prefer to donate through digital currency email me at Be sure to put Donation in the subject line.

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