All of the following training videos will soon be found in the mentorship area! In the meantime feel free to check out the “Live Intro to Rigging Demo” and the “Foot Fetish” videos I have posted here for your enjoyment and education.

…and yes, you read the film credits correctly…that is Master Kuldrin’s production company.

Rigging: Intro Demo by Kato
Fetish: Foot Fetish

Kuldrin College Course List (Coming Fall 2022)

(Sections shown in Bold Script are free samples. Enjoy!)

Membership Orientation Script
Intro to BDSM
Intro to Kinks, Fetishes, & Scenes
DIY Toys & Pervertables
Fire Play 101
  1. Kuldrin’s First Go @ Fire Webs (Video)
Foot Fetishism 101
  1. Foot Worship (“Mistress’s Tired Feet” Video x3)
  2. Solo Foot Fetish Example (“Is that Lotion or Cum” Video)
Impact Play 101
  1. Live Impact Demo (Video)
Medical Play 101
  1. *Medical Play 101 (PDF)
Rope Play 101
  1. Rigging 101 Demo by Kato & GiannaMonticello
    1. Rigging 101 by Kato (Text)
    2. Rigging 101 Demo (480p)
Scening 101