Master Kuldrin: The Mentor 


Out of the “Mortal Kombat” shirt and into the
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As BDSM has become more mainstream it is important that people become informed and educated about the truth of the BDSM community instead of letting inaccurate books and movies shape minds, opinions, and lifestyles in ways that are both incorrect and unhealthy. Myself and guests, from porn stars to pastors, will dive deep into all sides of the lifestyle to paint an accurate, informed, and unbiased picture of BDSM and the surprising truth behind the psychology of participants.

With over 20 years in the BDSM community and the mental health field I have gained a unique understanding and respect for the alternative lifestyle.

Master Kuldrin: The Dominant

Though I am well known for being a sadist, I can be as sensual or as fierce as the scene calls for. My goal is to provide my specialty “services” in exactly the way my submissive/bottom needs…with my own personal touch of course…after all, I am the one in control. Once all of the specifics have been thoroughly discussed, negotiated and understood only then may we enter a scene.

My specialties include: Impact Play (belting, caning, cropping, flogging, deep impact, paddling, spanking, strapping, …), consensual non consent, humiliation, genital torture, degradation, blood letting, hand/foot punishment, massage, financial domination, primal play, fear play, abduction play, and oxygen deprivation.

As a former medical professional, I am trained and certified in CPR/First Aide, universal precautions, and bloodborne and fluidborne pathogens.



Funsize: The Switch

I’ve been part of the lifestyle in real life and online for just over a decade. I started with a trainer just after my 18th birthday, and spent just over a year just learning. I originally started my training as a submissive but quickly learned that I am a switch. Since then I’ve had subs and Dom’s and even participated in M/s relationships. After a couple of abusive relationships, and many more stunning ones I’ve found a balance in being newly married, having BDSM relationships, and the rest of my life. I spend my time these days in an online only relationship, going to local munches, and working to perfect the art of Dominance and submission. It is my personal goal to help others learn as much as they wish, help avoid pitfalls and abuses, and to find the balance they need.

Age: 30
Status: Married
Interest: Gyno-kink, blood play, edge play, bondage, rigging, flagellation, masochism, sadism, suspension, nipple torture, needles, clamps, whips, canes, temperature play, sensory deprivation, rape play, spankings, medical fetish, blindfolds, blood fetishism, and more.
Orientation: Bisexual

Funsize: The Online Player

Besides my own personal relationships, it’s my intention to help guide the online community. I’m willing to listen to any problems and offer advice where I can. I’ve seen many things in the last ten years but I still don’t know everything, so if I don’t know about something I will do my best to find someone who does. I look forward to getting to know others and helping where I can.