Patreon, Interviews, and Advertisements

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Read to the end to find out about Kuldrin’s Krypt: The Dungeon Tour!!! Patreon Do you enjoy the show? Is it the content worth $0.25/episode to you? Would you like to help get the show recorded at your local dungeon? Have you seen the new levels, rewards, and goals on the updated Patreon page? Here […]

“On Collars” by Meronym

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Ask several people what meaning goes along with putting a collar on someone, and you’ll get at least as many different answers as people asked. I’ve been mulling over how I feel about collars and would like to offer this structure, with varying levels of significance. This includes items that are worn as a ‘collar’, […]

Silent Communication Methods

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Silent Communication Methods Communication is the essential part of all BDSM relationships and activities but the ability to speak isn’t always present. Here are a few suggestions that are tried and true methods for improving your play time. 1. Hand signals (a.k.a. gesturing): Hand signaling, from a psychological standpoint, is the best way to communicate […]

Order of Avalon

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Order of Avalon We are very disappointed to announce that due to personal issues the owner of has decided to shut down the site. Though we at The Krypt offered to purchase the online community, the owner maintained the unfortunate position of not letting it go. We are working hard to provide former members […]