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Season 1:
  1. An Introduction to BDSM
  2. What is BDSM
  3. The Dom’s Role and Common Mistakes
  4. The sub’s Role and Common Mistakes
  5. Switches
  6. Dom/sub Space & Drop
  7. Rights Vs. Privileges (Live)
  8. Vetting & Consensual Non Consent (CNC)
  9. Part 1 Red Flags, Fake Doms, and Predators
  10. Part 2 Red Flags, Fake Doms, and Predators
  11. Part 3 Red Flags, Fake Doms, and Predators
  12. Announcement
  13. Humor in BDSM
  14. Master Arcane Interview
  15. Funsize Interview & Order of Avalon
  16. Online BDSM Play & Relationships 101
  17. Moving Online to Offline
  18. Play Partner Vs Lifestyle Partner
  19. BDSM Master & slave Dynamics
  20. Professional Doms Funsize Interrogates Kuldrin
  21. BDSM Without Sex
  22. Discretion in BDSM
  23. BDSM Negotiation
  24. Effective Communication in BDSM Relationship
  25. BDSM Aftercare
  26. Consensual Non Consent
  27. IrishMTDragon Interview on BDSM Experience
  28. BDSM Basic Safety 101
  29. Everything You Need to Know About Your First BDSM Play Party
  30. Types of BDSM Dominants
  31. Frenzy
  32. Navigating the Online World
  33. BDSM on a Budget
  34. BDSM in Literature
  35. BDSM Consent Counts Part 1
  36. BDSM Consent Part 2: Boundaries
  37. BDSM and the Law
  38. BDSM Dungeons and Paperwork
  39. BDSM Protectors
  40. Listener Q&A (BDSM Play Parties Dungeons Ds Roles)
  41. Polyamory
  42. The Old Guard History, Kink, Protocol, and BDSM
  43. Avoiding Burnout in BDSM
  44. Personal Growth and Evolution in BDSM
  45. LIVE SHOW Master w/ littles & middles, collars, and Leather Households
  46. Live Show BDSM Masters, Doms, Trainers, and Owners
  47. BDSM Hurt Vs Harm
  48. BDSM and Marriage
  49. BDSM Contracts and Collars
  50. Who Pursues Whom in BDSM
  51. Vanilla with Sprinkles Part 1
  52. Vanilla with Sprinkles Part 2
Season 2:
  1. Live: Seven Ways to Introduce BDSM into a Marriage
  2. Relationship Burnout, Mindreading, & Managing Expectations in BDSM Relationships
  3. BDSM Hygiene, Self-Care and Attitude
  4. Dominants Bill of Rights and Calling Red
  5. Keeping it Kinky for the Holidays
  6. Psychotherapist Steven Ing on Your Magic Sex Number
  7. Acceptance within the BDSM Community
  8. Nurturing Positive Dominant Qualities
  9. Producers Only Play Journal, Thoughts on S02E08, and Inside My Head
  10. Podcast Rodeo Show Reviewed The Krypt
  11. Master Gabriel on BDSM Households
  12. BDSM Punishments, Funishments, and Abuse
  13. Mayfair85 on Entering the BDSM Lifestyle
  14. Reserved Dominants Vs Assertive submissives
  15. Five Love Languages and BDSM
  16. Mistress Cyan: DomCon, Pro Dominatrix and Advocate
  17. Sir Welph and Robin-Telling the Children About D/s
  18. Master Reverend Gear and Vee: A Master’s Journey and Kinky AF Podcast
  19. Rope Bondage with Master Feenix and Keri
  20. The Crafty Hedonist and Torrid Timber
  21. Susan Wright of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom: Consent Counts
  22. BDSM History, Master, slave, Flogging, Rope
  23. BDSM Meister Schmerz on Hook Suspension
  24. Hudsy Hawn Life Balance and Education
  25. The Importance of the Female Dominant in BDSM with Micael G
  26. The Real History of HIV AIDS and Leather
  27. BDSM Culture Can Make Women More Assertive In Work and Relationships
  28. Mistress Barbie on BDSM Test Org and Finding Your Role
  29. Sir Pent on Breast Torture and Lifestyle Lesson
  30. Fetish Artist Pro Domme and back to basics with Rhiannon Aarons
  31. Pinky and Angel Mother-Daughter Kinksters
  32. The Dark Side of BDSM Dominant with Master Gabriel
  33. BDSM and the Law with Attorney Lady Steele
  34. Whips, Fire Play, Wax Play, Fear Play Live
  35. Hypnosis and Communication with Trevor
  36. Manscaped and DomCon NOLA Vendor Interviews
  37. Fetish Fashion with ChinaDoll and Calling Red
  38. Announcement: The Show Must Go On!
  39. Live Q&A on COVID-19, bratty Dominants, vetting, and more
  40. Quid Pro Quo BDSM and Live Q&A with Master Gabriel and slave Star
  41. Quibi’s show “Sexology” and Live Q&A
  42. Back to the basics of BDSM 101-S02E42
  43. Exploratory, Cathartic, and Rehabilitation BDSM Scenes with Master Gabriel
  44. Cosmo Talks Shibari Rope and Bondage BDSM
  45. Total Power Exchange (TPE) in BDSM
  46. Social Distancing-Tips for Long-Distance BDSM
  47. Kinky and Platonic BDSM
  48. What I’ve Learned About BDSM in 100 Episodes
  49. Can You Afford Them by Lylac Wine
  50. Edging Vs Ruined Orgasm
  51. BDSM Primal Play
  52. Self Collaring in BDSM
Season 3
  1. Emotional Sadists, Masochists, and Terrorists
  2. Play Party Post Covid-19 and the Mechanics of a BDSM Scene
  3. Improving Your BDSM Play with Safewords
  4. BDSM Choking and Breathe Play
  5. Third World View of BDSM
  6. Locked Away: BDSM Chastity with Master Gear
  7. How to transition from vanilla marriages and LTR’s to Ds
  8. BDSM Concerns About New Domestic Abuse Laws
  9. Depression within the BDSM Community
  10. Breaking News: The New Normal of BDSM
  11. What is a BDSM Dominant submissive Dynamic
  12. Consent: Dominants Have Rights Too!
  13. Hot Wife Vs Cuckold Vs Voyeur
  14. The Kite and the string with Lylac Wine
  15. What Monogamous Couples can Learn from Polyamory
  16. Kink and BDSM as Middle-Aged Woman with Gabbing Girl Time
  17. Right Hole, Wrong Toy: Kinky Adult Toy Safety
  18. She Said She Liked it Rough, I Had No Idea Where to Begin
  19. Narcissist Doms and sub and a Live Q&A
  20. Trauma: Survivor Vs Victim Vs Acceptance
  21. Five Questions to ask a potential Dom,sub, or Play Partner
  22. Myths About BDSM You Need to Stop Believing
  23. Red Flags and Respecting Boundaries
  24. What is a BDSM Switch by Cosmo
  25. Why Pornhub Might Get Shut Down
  26. Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader talk BDSM and Aftercare
  27. Best BDSM Toys to Spice up Power Play
  28. Solo BDSM Play
  29. My Partner Has a Fetish that’s not for Me
  30. BDSM Etiquette: Dom to Dom Communication Part 1
  31. BDSM Etiquette: Dom to Dom Communication Part 2
  32. Abuse of Power and AuthorityBDSM
  33. What you need to know about BDSM with CurtainCall
  34. Dominant submissives and Live BDSM Q&A
  35. Nevada’s 2021 BDSM Sexual Assault Trial
  36. When Shouldn’t You Participate in BDSM Play
  37. What’s in a Desired Top by TinkerBratTN
  38. IRL Hooking up with online players: BDSM Nightmare
  39. 20 Things You Don’t Know About Sex
  40. BDSM Fun Facts, Sex Toys, and Q&A
  41. Ultimate Guide to Watersports
  42. Safeword Defense and Consent Violations
  43. What are BDSM Dom and sub Mentorships
  44. What are DDlg BDSM Relationships
  45. Lady Katie on Female Dominants
  46. Gay Pride Month and BDSM Isn’t Allowed
  47. Gay Pride Month: What is Gender Identity?
  48. Gay Pride Month: Conversion Therapy
  49. The Trevor Project Saving LGBTQ Youth
  50. Top 10 LGBTQ Documentaries to Watch
  51. Doms and subs: How NOT to Introduce Yourself
  52. BDSM Dungeon Etiquette and Your First Play Party
Season 4
  1. When is it Time to Step Away From BDSM
  2. AnnaLynne McCord and Unhealthy BDSM
  3. Cheating and BSDM
  4. BDSM Discipline and Punishments
  5. Kink as a Competition
  6. Financial Domination (BDSM FinDom)
  7. Narcissists, ‘It is What it is’, and Live Q&A
  8. Why Your Dom sub Relationship Is NOT Going to Last
  9. How to Recognize the Signs of Mental and Emotional Abuse Pt. 1
  10. How to Recognize the Signs of Mental and Emotional Abuse Pt 2
  11. How to Recognize the Signs of Mental and Emotional Abuse Pt 3
  12. BDSM Risk Mitigation
  13. Five Year Anniversary Episode
  14. Polyamory Partner Compatibility and Jealously
  15. Keeping it Kinky for the Holidays Revisited
  16. Mindfucking Mindfully with Sir Ezra

Kuldrin’s Krypt: Time to Laugh!!!

If Monday’s here and you need a pick-me-up to start your week or if by Thursday you are starting to drag then you will love the publishing days for this one! As promised S01E13-Humor in BDSM, here is your not-so-daily dose of humor from The Krypt!

Some are funny and others are “not so much” but all will make you laugh one way or another.