Doms and subs: How NOT to Introduce Yourself-S03E51

Recorded: 07/04/2021 / Published: 02/20/2022
  • – Welcome to Kuldrin’s Krypt. I’m your host Master Kuldrin. If you are new to the show we use our combined 30 years of BDSM experience and my 20 years working in the psychology field to dispel myths, get rid of stereotypes, and answer your questions about BDSM. You can call in at 865-268-4005 to leave your question or visit the Krypt at
  • – In this week’s episode of The Krypt we are talking about how not to introduce yourself to others and sharing some FetLife messages some of the Krypt Producer’s have received. These are some of the dumbest, idiotic, and thirsty messages I have ever had the laugh of reading. As a disclaimer, this episode strays outside the typical high-brow use of the English language we like to primarily stick to using. This episode is not safe for children and none of the episodes should ever be shared with anyone under 18. However, this one isn’t safe for work, college, or human consumption in general. Now, sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and let’s all enjoy laughing and puking at some of the terrible messages that were seriously intended as a way to get the sender laid.  
    1. Safe, sane, consensual, and informed
    2. KNKI: Knowledge, No Intolerance, Kindness, Integrity
    3. “Submission is not about authority and it’s not about obedience; it is all about relationships of love and respect.” -Wm. Paul Young
  • As a disclaimer, this episode strays outside the typical high-brow use of the English language we like to primarily stick to using. This episode is not safe for children as are none of the episodes should ever be shared with anyone under 18. However, this one isn’t safe for work, college, or human consumption in general. Now, sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and let’s all enjoy laughing and puking at some of the terrible messages that were seriously intended as a way to get the sender laid.
  • – “Doms and subs: How NOT to Introduce Yourself-S03E51” 
    1. I’d love to damage that pussy with my BBC-hugs and kisses
    2. (in conversation) Very impressed by your pics
      1. Thank you for your kind words
      2. No problem! How’s it going?
      3. So I take it, you are new to Fet Life?
      4. I am.  I’d still like to eat your pussy
    3. -Howdy! I’m 20, seven inches, lots of stamina, and love to please, will send pics if you’re interested
    4. You mark so well. That’s a wonderful gift to give.  Bear handed, paddle, crop… … there’s so many ways that come to mind when I see someone who marks as marvelously as you
      1. Thank you. Really hoping I can use it to pick up play as I call it next weekend and find a service top
      2. Oh play would be easy to do with your body.  My sub is wanting to be whipped this Saturday night and your ass next to hers would look divine.  Both plugged, both red and bruised, both fucked after mmmmm the possibilities.
    5. (46 CD/TC/ bottom) I’m a Viking goddess and come with another woman of you want.  My kik is *.  I look forward to having encounters.  Dominating you in the bedroom.  You need me, a Viking queen, who looks passable with muscles and a huge dominant white cock.
    6. Hello!
      1. Hey!
      2. How are you?  I’m Mistress C.  I want to know if you are still interested in serving a goddess like me.  Do you stay alone?
      3. I have a child.
      4. Well that’s fine with me.  I love kids.  In case to have any.
    7. Came across your profile on Fet, and seeking about a play partner position.  Little bout me; cute enough to hook up with, got a little humor to me.
    8. Hello I got your kik off Fet.  Are you into BBC?
    9. January 2:  Good morning!
      1. January 10:  Hi there!
      2. January 21:  Good morning!
      3. February 16:  Hi there.  You look familiar
      4. March 24:  Good morning!
    10. I was going to ask you if you want to go see a movie but I remember they don’t like it when you bring your own snack
    11. I like hard, rough play.  Can you take it hard, long, rough play and spankings, if so I then lets all get together and have fun. Master *
    12. Wow perfect tits girl ur so fuckin hot
    13. Hey! I saw on your page to message you if a person wanted to tie you up and pet the poodle..I would like to tie you up and tickle and tease you..poodle  If would love it..hope to hear from you…
      1. I am absolutely NOT ticklish anywhere. Sorry.
      2. Really..well would you be interested in letting me find out myself? And I do more than just tickle as well..I like to tease and play with the whole body head to toe..if you like to be spanked I can do that too..
    14. Friday, October.  I hope all is well, and you’re still active and possibly have a taste for chocolate that would be good too. Ya profile is hot! If you’re interested, please reply.  P.s. can you truly keep (double wet emoji’s)?
      1. (fourteen weeks later) hey stranger…you have some fun toys…when you gonna cum out and play with me…
    15. I would love to tie you up and give you my thick nine inch cock and my big load I’m a heavy cummer and I’m close to Cedar Bluff hope to hear back soon
    16. I’m a middle eastern top i can travel after love white like you i can eat that ass fuck your ass mouth real good cum in you all over you fuck you like good white slut i’m dominant top baby
    17. Hello I am Mike and yes I’m very interested and would love to chat about lifestyle and connecting.  If we do connect we can enjoy some fun together.  Get in touch if this intrigues you lol also not just a one time either please. The mind is first to stimulate and no drama no stress please i will be traveling to your area often this summer for softball and the first weekend is june 11
    18. Hey how are you?  I took the time and read some of your writings and comments..i think i would like to meet you..are you ticklish? I don’t want you to be a furniture set for me, but i would like to tickle and tease that curvy body for hours..interested? If so..let me know..also if you want to text i’m * number..hope to hear from you..
    19. Is it really this hard to find a fwb to cuddle with and try freaky stuff with. (crying emoji)
    20. Hey Soo i see ur not far from me so i gotta ask since your so sexy if u would be interested in meeting up and getting dom by my 11 inch bbc? Cuz i tie u up and rearrange u guts hmu if so
    21. My name is * nice to meet you. I hit the follow button per your request since we have never spoken before. I’m 51 and live near you. I’m also married but play alone and need discretion as i do so without her knowledge. (contact info) i hope to hear back from you. Have a wonderful day!
      1. Hi. one of my core beliefs is to uphold the pillars of trust transparency communication and respect.  The fact you cheat on your wife and want to help me enable that is disgusting and tells me that you value absolutely none of these beliefs. If you can’t be honest and open with the preson that you married how the fuck am i supposed to give any little crumb of trust to you?
    22. Will you play with me ill tie you uo 
      1. Ok, just to clarify, you’re asking if i will let a complete stranger tie me up and fuck me?? No hello or get to know me, just hey let;s get to it. Is that really the approach you want to use?
      2. No, i’m imply let’s play and i tossed in i think being tied up could be fun. I’m not all about getting to know you first goofball
    23. Hey we are looking for a third
    24. Hi there.  Straight but into pussy, trans pussy especially fun. Would love to chew on that huge clit and make you gush down daddy’s throat
    25. I would LOVE to get to know you better…have you ever gotten a tantric massage…
    26. Sexy
    27. I noticed you’re from Iowa i am from (city in Iowa)! I love sex and i’m open to new things! Message me or text if it’s easier for you (phone number included)  I hope to hear from you and maybe have some fun!  ;P
    28. Hey in town for work skinny mixed guy long dick hmu let’s chat maybe meet up
    29. Subject:  i need a new sub and you appear to be perfect
      1. What do you say we meet in public in Oregon and if you like me we could have sex in public
    30. Eventually, i would love to manage your sex life including an evolving list of twenty fwb at any one time (with your input).  I would set up 2-6 sexual submission encounters per day depending on work and scheduling.  I would watch each session, lick the fresh cum from your dripping pussy, and pound you again after each visitor.  You would always be sore and raw.  It would be a constant feeling of submission.  I would protect you and your secrets provided you behave and cooperate.  Ideally, you would have litte desire to ever say no, and i will constantly be on the hunt for other opportunities fro erotic submission.  You would be encouraged to suck and or fuck practically all household visitors, and we will have them usually several times per day. If we are out partying with friends, there will be occasional acts of random erotic submission, and you could at times be a party favor.  Interested?
    31. Hi sweetie, i’m * , i’d like to get to know you.  Be a good girl, read my profile and message me.  Thanks and good luck
    32. I’d love to get to know you, inside and out (wink emoji) (heart eyes emoji)
    33. Spoon and mutual masturbation with a man? I live close by
    34. If you were a cookie what flavor would you be?
    35. Could we maybe peg each other sometime?
    36. You’d look super fucking hot wearing a strap on dildo, just saying, your thighs are “perfect”, i rarely am down to let anyone in my butt, but you would look sooo good wearing a cock. (heart eyes emoji)
    37. What would you do with soft saggy testicles if you could do anything with them? 🙂
    38. So i couldn’t stop myself from jenkins my cock off while viewing uou pics…..i came so hard i had cum in my eyes in my mouth and over my neck and chest. So thank-you
      1. That’s absolutely disgusting and disrespectful. Blocked.
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