Magic Sex Number with Psychotherapist Steven Ing-S02E06

Recorded:   Dec. 16, 2018 / Published:  Dec. 27, 2018
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  2. On this episode of the Krypt we are speaking with psychotherapist Steven Ing about your magic sex number, Talking to your children about sex, BDSM and religion and much more.
  3. [1:05] TEDx Talk :What’s Your Magic Sex Number”
    1. How many times a week do you prefer to have sex?
    2. No matter what your answer is, you are normal.
  4. [8:26] Rules to Love by:
    1. Safe, sane, consensual, and informed
    2. KNKI: Knowledge, No Intolerance, Kindness, Integrity
    3. “Submission is not about authority and it’s not about obedience; it is all about relationships of love and respect.” -Wm. Paul Young
  5. [9:20] THow to have the pre-relationship interview.
  6. [14:10] Sexual intimacy.
  7. [17:30] Therapist asigning biases.
  8. [18:25] Sex and power? Does that feed the sexual appetite? “Everything in life is about sex except itself sex its self which about power.” -Oscar Wilde
  9. [21:00] Swingers and the sexual appetite, power, and the divorce rate.
  10. [27:25] People who are constitutionally incapable of intimacy.
    1. Personality disorders, addictions, other mental illnesses: 25%
  11. [28:45] What is true intimacy and sexual intimacy?
  12. [31:05] The puritanical viewpoint in The United States and BDSM and Religion.
    1. Therapist tendering a “moral diagnosis”.
    2. Outing a spouse at church as a masturbator.
  13. [37:18] How are spirituality and sexuality the same and why it scares churches.
  14. [39:45] “We’re All Like This” Steven Ing’s book is now used in Human Sexuality classes at the University Level.
  15. [43:15] Where do spirituality and sex meet? Catharsis!!!
    1. [44:40] Kuldrin Service Topping
  16. [48:20] Getting in touch with our animal nature and going primal.
  17. [49:32] Talking to children about sex and BDSM relationships.
    1. Sexual safety and sexual innocence.
    2. What age does do children start masturbating?
    3. Teaching the emotions of sex before the mechanics.
    4. Talking to children about consent before talking about sexuality.
    5. [58:44] Talking to children after they walked in on parents having sex or performing act of BDSM.
  18. [1:03:20] How to explain BDSM to vanillas.
  19. A final note or two:
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Outro: This has been Master Kuldrin for Unearth the Truth

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