20 Things You Don’t Know About Sex-S03E39

Recorded: April 11, 2021 / Published: January 9, 2022
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  • – In this week’s episode of The Krypt we are going to have some fun and talk about 20 sex facts you probably don’t not know about sex. Plus, if we have time, we’ve three really interesting bonus facts.
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  • –  “20 Things You Don’t Know About Sex-S03E39”
    1. *Prior to birth, unborn babies masturbate.
    2. * Orgasm is a reflex of the autonomic nervous system. The ANS controls things we don’t continuously control like arousal, breathing, and digestion.
    3. * You can orgasm when you are brain dead.
    4. * You don’t need genitals to orgasm.
    5. * Orgasm can cause a seminal odor in women’s breath about an hour after achieving orgasm.
    6. * Orgasming can cure intractable hiccups.
    7. * Fertility doctors used to prescribe orgasms for conception due to the now-debunked “upsuck theory”.
    8. * Dr. Kinsey recorded 300 men ejaculating to measure the distance of the shot.  A third of the men had no distance and one man shot 8 feet.
    9. ** The human womb has an oxygen level equivalent to the top of Mount Everest, designed to keep the fetus asleep 95% of the time.
    10. ** A man had a brain tumor that caused him to orgasm every time he looked at a safety pin. 
    11. ** Powdered wigs became popular to hide syphilis symptoms.
    12. *** According to a 2005 sex study, you are greatly more likely to orgasm if you wear socks during sex. 80% of couples wearing socks had orgasms but only 50% of the couples not wearing socks got off. 
    13. *** On average fewer heavier men experience premature ejaculation than skinny men. 
    14. *** Sex can temporarily wipe your memory due to Transient Global Amnesia.
    15. *** People in their twenties have sex an average of 80 times per year.
    16. *** Going from having sex once a month to once a week can provide a person with the same joy as making an extra $50 thousand a year.
    17. **** 53% of women want more sex than they are having.
    18. **** Nearly 75% of women want to have sex at least 3 times a week.
    19. **** Female orgasm rates: Lesbians 74.7%, straight women 61.6%, and bisexual 58% of the time.
    20. **** Because nipple play stimulates the exact same areas of the brain, 29% of women have experienced a nipple-gasm.
    21. Bonus Fact #1: **** Most women cheat on there husbands with men who’s penis is larger than their husbands’ because they associate it with pain and discomfort. This has been proven to be one way a cheating woman will punish herself for her infidelity.
    22. Bonus Fact #2: **** Simultaneous orgasm is rare, most people will never experience it.
    23. Bonus Fact #3: **** A man will ejaculate around 4.5 gallons/17 liters of semen in their lifetime.
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