Vanilla with Sprinkles Pt 2-S01E52

Recorded:   9/9/2018 /      Published: 9/23/2018
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  2. On this episode of the Krypt we are going to finish up the interview with Lady Katheryne and then I will give my final thoughts on vanilla with sprinkles. So I’ll hit those rules to love by and then jump right into the interview where we left off last time.
  3. Rules to Love by:
      1. Safe, sane, consensual, and informed
      2. KNKI: Knowledge, No Intolerance, Kindness, Integrity
      3. “Submission is not about authority and it’s not about obedience; it is all about relationships of love and respect.” -Wm. Paul Young
  4. Interview with Lady Katheryne
    1. [1:37] Kuldrin’s catharsis leads to Lady Katheryne’s catharsis.
    2. [6:22] What were the following days like?
    3. [6:57] Lady Katheryne’s first true understanding of why Kuldrin has a need to be a Dom. However, a little knowledge is dangerous and can lead to frenzy and becoming an “insta-dom”.
    4. [9:18] Trying to tame Lady Katheryne and her opinion on listening to lifestyle veterans. There is no destination in the lifestyle; it’s the journey that matters.
    5. [10:53] Goals in the BDSM don’t really work and dangers that can come from setting certain types of goals.
    6. [17:20] 80% of people who enter the BDSM lifestyle switch roles after they discover who they really are and Lady Katheryne thoughts on the subject.
    7. [21:05] The day you think you know it all and have seen everything is the day you need to give it up and how “each one, teach one” applies.
    8. [22:02] The kink of masks.
    9. [24:37] Being Dominant is NOT being a bully or a narcissistic jerk!
    10. [27:01] The four (4) classes of sadists and learning that a friend of ours is a class three (3) sadist and knowing that people like that use BDSM as a way to implement their abusive nature.
    11. [30:13] TPE=Total Power Exchange
    12. [30:20] What advice do you have for people that are in the lifestyle but they are not?
    13. [32:50] Lady Katheryne’s first real BDSM experience as a teen. How has this new level of communication effected her in the vanilla world?
    14. [35:20] Contacting LadyKatheryne7 on fetlife.
  5. A final note or two.
    1. I’d like to thank our Executive Producers Jeremiah, Sihlus, and Jess (KitKat) our Senior Producers Matt, Jeremy, and xEmeraldxWolfx our Producers Kainsin, RoxieBear and Mytor at That Place in Kansas City, and our Jr. Producers K-2SO, BuffaloDom84, Pain Waits, MasterFerguson LxSoumis, and JayKay. If you would like to become one of our show producers go to our website, to get that information.
    2. Second, I’d like to talk BDSM contracts for their donation of their beautiful 25 page soft and hardbound M/s and D/s contracts.. coupon code: kuldrin20 for a 20% discount on all purchases.
  1. And finally, I’d like to thank my personal maker of leather and paracord impact toys.
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Outro: This has been Master Kuldrin and Funsize for Unearth the Truth

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