S01E27-IrishMTDragon Interview on BDSM Experience

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Kuldrin’s Krypt: A BDSM 101 Podcast S01E27-IrishMTDragon Interview on BDSM Experience August 31st, 2017 This is Kuldrin’s Krypt season 1 episode 27. Welcome to Kuldrin’s Krypt I’m your host Master Kuldrin. If you are new to the show this is a place to dispel myths, get rid of stereotypes, and answer your questions about BDSM. […]

Silent Communication Methods

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Silent Communication Methods Communication is the essential part of all BDSM relationships and activities but the ability to speak isn’t always present. Here are a few suggestions that are tried and true methods for improving your play time. 1. Hand signals (a.k.a. gesturing): Hand signaling, from a psychological standpoint, is the best way to communicate […]