LIVE SHOW Master w littles and middles collars and Leather Households-S01E45

Live: June 9, 2018   /  Published as Podcast: June 13, 2018

Can a little or middle be in a dynamic with a Master?

It depends on the protocol required by the Master and the Master’s level of compassion. As someone who previously required high protocol, I have been involved in a successful dynamic with a middle and so have many others. It is not a simple answer and like all relationships, results will vary based on the people involved.

When is it appropriate to give/accept a collar? What are the meanings and types of collars?

Play collars can be given or loaned to any person you play with and it is to be returned after the completion of aftercare.

Training/consideration collars are given after the relationship matures and new relationship energy has worn off. This ensures that the parties involved aren’t jumping in to fast. I recommend never collaring someone prior to the six-month mark. Think of this as you would an engagement ring. It’s not to be taken lightly.

Full collars are the equivalent of a wedding ring and the collaring of a slave, submissive, pet, … is often done in a ceremony in front of close friends and/or family.

Collaring: The new fad: No self-respecting lifestyle veteran would offer or accept a collar without truly knowing the other person/people involved.  However, as of late people are offering and accepting collars after only knowing someone for a few weeks or months. Since most kinksters live daily in the vanilla world it would stand to reason that they would marry someone that quickly yet they are so eager to give or wear our version of a ring and this NEEDS to stop. It is completely invalidating the entire purpose and meaning behind the collar.

How do collars and cuffs apply to a Leather Household?

Every piece of leather has a different meaning and in a Leather Household, it carries even more significance

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