BDSM Meister Schmerz on Hook Suspension-S02E23

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Recorded: 5/12/2019 / Published: 7/08/2019 <a href=”” rel=”payment”>Patreon</a> You can call in at 865-268-4005 to leave your question or visit the Krypt at On this episode of The Krypt, we are returning to DomCon LA 2019, for an interview with Meister Schmerz on hook suspension. Now, this might not be your bucket list but […]

BDSM History, Master, slave, Flogging, Rope-S02E22

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Recorded: 1/31/2019 / Published: 7/01/2019 <a href=”” rel=”payment”>Patreon</a> Welcome to Kuldrin’s Krypt I’m your host Master Kuldrin. If you are new to the show I use my 24 years of BDSM experience and 20 working the psychology field to dispel myths, get rid of stereotypes, and answer your questions about BDSM. You can call in […]