Narcissist Doms and sub and a Live Q&A-S03E19

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Recorded: 11/08/2020 /  Published: 05/06/2021 – Call in at 865-268-4005 to leave your question or visit the Krypt at  – In this episode of The Krypt it’s a Live Q&A with Kuldrin and Mayfair. – Next week Mayfair and I have a very special guest on the show to talk about Trauma and the […]

Quid Pro Quo BDSM and Live Q&A with Master Gabriel and slave Star-S02E40

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[00:01:25] Rules to Love By [00:02:35] Patreon Producers [00:04:16] Discord Group [00:05:31] Master Gabriel and slave Star joins the chat [00:06:07] Keeping Love Alive by Mark Anderson in The Star Harrold [00:07:37] Real Service by Ravan Kaldera [00:09:28] 50/50 Split in Relationships [00:14:15] Non-Negotiated Quid Pro Quo [00:18:07] 100/100 Relationship comment by Mytor [00:19:05] 50/50 […]

Live Show BDSM Masters, Dom/mes, Trainers, and Owners-S01E46

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Live Date: 07/01/2018  /  Published: 07/02/2018 The chat takes place at BDSM Masters, Dom/mes, Trainers, and Owners -Unhealthy types of O/p relationships -A brief talk about season 2 -Bloodplay -Announcing a collaborative book with Master Kuldrin and Funsize on BDSM 101 -Knife play -Needle Play -Resources for submissive training -The submissive’s role in social […]