S01E02-Pt 2 Intro to BDSM

Kuldrin’s Krypt: A BDSM 101 Podcast

November 11, 2016

  1. Welcome to kuldrins Krypt. It is November 11, 2016 and this is season #1 episode #2.  (start theme pre-roll) I’m your host Kuldrin Fire.  Don’t forget to visit us at kudrinskrypt.com. Today we are going to continue defining BDSM, I’ll let you know what BDSM means to me, and give a few pointers on entering the community.
  2. What it means to me.
    1. Experience other than Makita
  3. BDSM
    1. A brief history
    2. Modern influences
    3. Physical aspects
    4. Psychological aspects
    5. Religious aspects
  4. Entering the community-Fetlife, munches, local events, and the KINKI and Vanilla Umbrella Apps.
  1. Week after next we are going to dive deeper into the Dominant role and common mistakes people make as a Dominant but before that happens we need to jump into some “Rules to Love By”. So make sure to listen to us next week because we will discuss some of the most important issues that will make or break your experience with BDSM.

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