S01E13-Humor in BDSM

Kuldrin’s Krypt
S01E13-Humor in BDSM
April 24th, 2017

This is Kuldrin’s Krypt season 1 episode 13 for April 24th, 2017.
(Dave Jackson www.schoolofpodcasting.com BDSM clip)
Welcome to Kuldrin’s Krypt I’m your host Master Kuldrin. If you are new to the show this is a place to dispel myths, get rid of stereotypes, and answer your questions about BDSM. You can call in at 865-268-4005 to leave your question or visit the Krypt at kudrinskrypt.com. On this episode of Kuldrin’s Krypt we are going to discuss the importance of humor in BDSM.

My original intent when thinking of this episode was to include clips from you, the listeners, based on your personal experiences. However, the very limited amount of response I received, which is to be expected, was of such low audio quality I couldn’t use it but I am grateful for the participation I received and as promised those stickers are in the mail. But don’t worry, I still have something for you that will actually provide you with more information than what I had originally planned.

To the outside or vanilla world BDSM can seem rigid and cold, even cruel or abusive at times but along with love and respect that the vanilla don’t see or don’t understand and that I have talked about in every episode also comes humor. One of the biggest mistakes that new kinksters often make is losing site of the fact that this is a role play and should not only be fun but also filled with laughter and happiness. I have to admit here that I was one of those overly serious, stern, stoic types as I entered the lifestyle because I thought that no submissive would ever submit to someone with any other personality and other Dom’s wouldn’t respect me as a peer if I wasn’t almost perpetually pissed off. This couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

Makita, the young woman that introduce me to BDSM through our shared vampire fetish, sat me down and pointed out that she had entered into our relationship because of the person I was and she would be leaving it if I continued to be the person I had become. To some this may make perfect sense and to others is might sound harsh or uncaring but to she and I it served as a valuable piece of information to a newbie. “I know all of this seems serious, and there are times when it is, but the rest of time it’s ok to be who we are and laugh a little but like we use too.”

I started this episode out with a partial BDSM remake of “A Few of My Favorite Things” instead of my usual “ Welcome to my Dungeon”. This was done by Dave Jackson from schoolofpodcasting.com a podcast about podcasting. Now, I have met Dave, I am a member of The School of Podcasting, we have talked quite a bit, and in all honesty not only is he responsible for me being able to perform the technical side of this podcast but he is also directly responsible for me being alive today. However, when he recorded this spoof we didn’t really know each other at all. I called into his show to leave him a comment and when I left my name and podcast information it was his knee jerk reaction to do what he does which is combined his witty sense of humor with his years of teaching experience and long musical career to deliver those lines that would make people not only remember what was being said but make them connect by a base emotional experience. He always says to deliver content that will make people think, laugh, groan or cry and that is what he was doing. It’s also important to note that he showed an enormous amount of respect by emailing me to tell me what he had done and ask my opinion on publishing it as he didn’t want to offend me or the BDSM community. He didn’t have to do this but that’s the kind of good person he is. So what’s my point in all this? I could have gotten all pissy because an outsider, with little to no knowledge of what we are about made fun of me and the community I love, OR, I could see the truth of the situation…some things are just plane funny…and I don’t know about you but I’d much rather laugh often than walk around ticked off all the time.

Now to bring this back to a scene, in multiple previous episodes I have said I am far from perfect and I will stress that again here. Also, I have made many mistakes before, during and after scenes and I have found in some cases one of the best ways to keep the energy of the scene when mistakes are made isn’t to overreact, get angry, be embarrassed, apologize a hundred times,… It’s to make sure that everyone involved is ok then share in a laugh about it. Granted sometimes this can be inappropriate or to soon, timing IS everything, but it can also help remind us that though we often play at the speed of sound sometimes we have to stop and realize that some of the things we do is, in fact, laughable. Which is why I’ve decided to add a new element to the show. A few times a week I am going to give “A not so daily dose of humor from the Krypt”. These will be short jokes published on their own. Some are funny…others not so much but it’s a reminder that we are people and alongside the stern names we go by, the evil glares we strive to perfect, the intimidating stances some practice in the mirror, and explicit joy we receive from intimidating our submissives during a scene we are people and people need laughter.
To close out this episode I have funny clips I have recorded asking a random people a single simple question-”What do you think of when you hear the term BDSM?”

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Rules to Love by:
Safe, sane, consensual, informed
KNKI: Knowledge, No Intolerence, Kindness, Integrity
“Submission is not about authority and it’s not about obedience; it is all about relationships of love and respect.” -Wm. Paul Young

Next week on Kuldrin’s Krypt: A BDSM 101 Podcast I will be conducting an interview that I have wanted to do for years. I will be talking to Master Arcane of The Crow Academy.

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