Build it and they will cum!

Originally penned: July 26, 2016

For over 20 years it has been a dream to own a dungeon for both personal and professional use. Lady Katheryne and I have had a simple dungeon layout in our home for nearly a year now and have greatly enjoyed it with the use of trusted submissive friends and friends of friends but now the time has come to expand.

We have set out on a mission to have one of the top private dungeons in the area. When completed we will open it back up to friends, friends of friends, and just about anyone that has an interest in BSDM.

Why? Well, I’m glad you asked! Lady Katheryne is a naturally Dominate woman-something that I have discovered is truly a rare trait. Most that project their dominance is doing nothing more than projecting their insecurities but she is truly an Alpha female. As for myself, it’s very simple-I am a sadist. I WILL hurt you and I WILL like it. Will you? …not my concern. I can promise I will respect your hard limits and push your soft limits as I see that you are becoming a trusting submissive.

So, “Build it and they will cum!”… but we are not an escorting service…so…where does the cumming come into play? If you ask that then you are probably one of the millions that thinks BDSM is only, or all about sex. It certainly can be but not in our case. The cathartic state achieved from a good dungeon session is better than any orgasm you’ve ever had. With the proper use of the “Limits & Kinks” questionnairre we will work with you to create the perfect scene-no matter what your experience level happens to be.

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