Kuldrin’s Krypt Studios and K.E.T.M.

As the future becomes the present and the present fades to the past I find myself in a position of great change and excitement. Since starting out in the adult industry with a brief yet thorough education as a male stripper in Atlanta, Ga. and participating in private adult films for select clients it has been a goal to open a talent agency and adult film studio of my own. As someone that was not paid my worth, taken advantage of, and had several hard limits ripped to shreds my greatest concern in working with others is that none of these things take place when it comes to the talent I manage or the actors I film.

One of the greatest feelings I have experienced in the adult film industry is walking away from a set when care was taken to ensure my safety and respect as well as the women I worked with. Adversely, one of the worst feelings I have experienced both professionally and personally was when things were not handle with professionalism and I was pressured to do things that were clearly marked as hard limits…some things were simple-a camera angle that I considered unflattering or treating another actor in a way that I didn’t see fit. Other things were very big like the number and sex of the people in the scenes and the activities that were to take place. In one case I was forced to make the decision to pass on my pay, after much of the scene had been shot, or allow the scene to go from a MFM setting to a MMF setting. As a straight man and someone who does not do “gay for pay” this was a frustrating but easy decision to make-I walked away broke, hungry, humiliated, pissed off, tired, and vowing to one day own a studio that would put the talent first. A studio that not only talks over every single detail with the talent and makes sure of their comfort level before the shoot but one that doesn’t try to change things up in the middle and pressure people into things they are clearly not into doing.

Another major part of that was my manager. She thought she could get me to do whatever she wanted if she made the money just enough, promised enough, or threatened enough. Instead of working with and for me she was out to promote to the private studios she worked with because they gave her bonuses for bringing in new talent and if they really wanted something from a talent that they didn’t do she would get a bump for getting them to do it.

I know that my experience was in an underground and private setting but the horror stories are well documented and abundant out of California, Florida, and Nevada. The number of men and women that are lied to and abused is astronomical and it is my goal to personally put a dent in that number and lead the charge alongside reputable companies like Kink.com to end the abuse of the industry. One of the ways we protect our talent is by being at every shoot. If it is in our own studio with our crew, an outside crew, or in another studio anywhere around the world a talent manager will be there to make sure that contracts and limits are not broken and our talent is respected. ANY studio, director, producer, camera operator, lighting crew member,… ANYONE that makes the mistake of thinking they are better than our talent and they choose to inflict abuse and/or disrespect will be made know to the community and public.

So, as the future becomes the present and present fades to become the past, I am excited for the things to come with the addition of Kuldrin’s Krypt Studios and Kuldrin Enterprises Talent Management to Kuldrin Enterprises, LLC.

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